Chia plotting service FAQ

Chia plotting takes a relatively long time and requires an optimal mix of available CPU cores, memory and disks, lots and lots of disks. Also plotting reduces the life-span of your SSD drives. Instead of investing in plotters that you may not need once your Chia plotting has been completed we will do the plotting for you. Just fill the order form and get your first Chia plot. We can make it in 1 hour depending on the workload and your place in the queue. Are you our new client? Then just get your first plot for free!
We can’t access your funds with public keys. Transactions can be signed with a private key only. Your private keys should never be shared, but sharing your public keys is always safe. Using your farmer public key (farmer_pk) and pool public key (pool_pk) or pool contract address we can create plots that will work with your Chia secret key once you download a plot.

On Chia version 1.2.0 and above

Simply open the Keys page in Chia GUI and click the "eye" icon.

On Chia version before 1.2.0

Linux and MacOS

To find your farmer and pool keys on Linux or MacOS you can use the following command:

chia keys show | grep 'Pool\|Farmer'

If you use the GUI on MacOS try:

cd /Applications/
./chia keys show


  1. Open the Command Prompt by going to Start and typing cmd and pressing enter.
  2. Paste the following command in the line
    %APPDATA%/..Local/chia-blockchain/app-1.1.6/resources/app.asar.unpacked/daemon/chia.exe keys show

You will find your keys in the output. If you got an error you might be on another version of chia application. To figure out which version you need type
cd %APPDATA%/. /Local/chia-blockchain/
followed by dir

Hopefully you will see a version number that looks like app-1.1.5 or app-1.1.6 etc. Replace the version number in the command on line 2 and try it again.

If nothing works send us a message at and we will look over it together.

First you need to join a Chia pool (see the next question).

Using Chia GUI

  • Open the Pool page
  • Hover over the ? icon next to the plot NFT name
  • Click the "Copy to Clipboard" icon

Using the command line

  • Run: chia plotnft show

If everything is ok, you should get a pool contract address which starts with xch.

The amount of Chia that a farmer can earn is proportional to the percentage of the network that they own. For example, a farmer that owns 0.25% of the total network space can expect to win 0.25% of the blocks. As the Chia network™ is growing daily, it becomes incrementally more difficult to win Chia (XCH) coins as a solo farmer. When the network space reaches 1 EB a farmer with 10 TB of space would own 0.00001% of the network and can expect to wait over 20 days to win a single block. If they are unlucky they could easily be waiting several months. Somebody with less than 10 TB of space could be waiting a lot longer.

You can reduce the waiting period for a possible reward and increase your chances by joining a pool. We recommend you to join Chiahub pool. Since the entire space of the pool determines the chances of winning, you start earning a small amount of Chia much quicker compared to participating as an individual.

Pools require new, special plots. All previously created plots cannot be used for pooling – only for single farming. These new so-called “portable plots” will enable owners to move the plots from one pool to another. If you are looking to buy portable plots, feel free to place your order on our website and receive portable plots as soon as we generate them.

We accept payment through Coinbase with various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDC and others.
At peak capacity we can create up to 500 Chia plots per day. Depending on the current workload, the first plot will typically be completed in 1 hour after receiving a payment.

Go to the chia directory where the Chia binary is located (see “How do I get my farmer public key and pool public key”) and run the following command:

chia plots check -n 30 -l -g [plot file name]
We use the recommended k=32 value, so one file is ~101 GB.

Yes, Chia plots are very large files and there is always the chance of network interruption. It's highly recommended you use a download manager so that if something goes wrong you can continue the download where you left off. It can also help your speed if you pick a download manager that has multi-segmenting support. Although do please stick to just a handful of threads so that no rate-limits are imposed on the download. Here are a couple of example applications, you can also check the extension market for your favourite browser.




The plots are available to download for 7 days.

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